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About ONPoint Presentation

Hi I’m Cindy Kalman, principal designer and owner of OnPoint Presentation, located in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in creating professionally designed, engaging PowerPoint presentations.

And I confess – I thrive on turning your words into impactful images that put you center stage.
My passion was first kindled while completing a Master of Fine Arts in Theater Design, where I honed the unique skill of interpreting a script and creating visuals that enhance the story and message. Since then, I have logged more than a decade of experience creating attention-grabbing imagery for broadcast news on the PBS Nightly NewsHour and in developing logos and branded marketing materials for businesses large and small through our sister company, Kalmarx Design.

At OnPoint Presentation, I leverage that extensive experience to create PowerPoint slides which keep your message focused and your audience engaged – the mark of success for any speaker. With my diverse background and expertise in presentation-oriented visual arts, I offer a distinctive ability to tell your story powerfully with compelling imagery that suits the tone and style of your talk.

If you need a serious or dramatic feel that’s what I do.

If the tone should be fresh and uplifting, I go there.

Or if your talk is begging for a light touch, I create illustrations infused with endearing humor.

By working with you, I develop PowerPoint visuals that deliver your message quickly, reflect your personality and enhance your presentation so you gain presence and credibility.

Sound intriguing? I’d love to discuss your needs for your PowerPoint presentation. Let’s talk!