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Case Studies: Before & After PowerPoint Slide Designs

Creating Motivational Slides That Shine

slide before redesign


Faced with slides that fell far short of the talk’s powerful content, this motivational speaker relied on OnPoint Presentation for help in transforming their presentation on work/life balance.

Existing graphics were static and lacked a clear, engaging image to convey the talk’s central theme. Though the budget was limited, the speaker needed to transform a large number of slides into a cohesive, compelling presentation that could be adapted going forward.

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PowerPoint slide after redesign


OnPoint Presentation created a clear, easy-to-read layout that engages the audience and conveys the speaker’s professional image.

The refreshed design:

✓ Replaces low-impact photo art with bold, colorful images
✓ Integrates a new, cleaner logo treatment
✓ Highlights the central theme with a contemporary image
✓ Adds animation for impact
✓ Maximizes budget by providing the template and sample slides

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Donor Sibling Registry – Telling A High-impact, Data-rich Story

donor_after donor copy 3


donor_after donor copy


donor_after donor copy 4



Founders of the Donor Sibling Registry speak worldwide in support of families that are the result of donor conception. The speaker’s presentations are data intensive and geared toward the scientific community. Speaking environments are demanding, with limited time to present compelling data. The speakers have appeared on high profile programs including Oprah and the Today Show.
(Original slides used with permission of the Donor Sibling Registry. All rights reserved.)

donor_after donor copy 2



The Donor Sibling Registry’s PowerPoint redesign leveraged the child-centric, warm color palate and type styles inspired by the existing logo and brand identity, created previously by OnPoint Presentation. To meet the speaker’s need for presenting data quickly and effectively, OnPoint Presentation created clear, focused messages throughout the 17-slide PowerPoint. The refreshed design included:
✓ Single-point slides that build to present the full story
Layout redesign to make data quick to grasp
Large, impactful imagery that aids audience engagement
✓ Branding that is aligned and consistent
✓ Readability from a distance
Enlarging existing images eliminated unnecessary costs of replacing images.


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