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Ever want a second pair of eyes on your work to help with proofing and fatigue? In today’s video, I talk about two accessibility tools that can augment your productivity using PowerPoint. The new dictation tool can easily be used to turn your voice into text. An older tool that you can add to PowerPoint menu is the Speak Selected Text tool. It takes highlighted text and speaks it back to you. Both are great additions for helping with proofing your copy.

I’m working today on a Windows computer using PowerPoint 365.

The first of the tools that I want to share with you is the new dictation tool.Look at the upper right corner for the microphone icon. Click the little arrow and you’ll pull down a selection of available languages.


If you click on the microphone, it will turn red and you’ll be ready to record your voice and turn it into text. For dictate to work, you need to be inside of a selected text box.


The next tool is the Speaks Select Text. I have added this to my Quick Access Tool bar.

Highlight the text you want to be read out loud, then click the speech bubble. It also works in the notes field, by highlighting the selected text and clicking the speech bubble.


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